Locally innovated, highly effective

About Purna Handmade Collection

Purna Handmade Collection is located in Bhaktapur, a city of cultural heritage, famous for its rich culture, traditional art and architecture, historical monuments and carft works, magnificent windows, pottery and weaving industries. Purna Handmade Collection adds to it a small local industry providing of hand knitted woolen products supporting local women with way of living. more »

How Our Product Are Made

All our products are innovating locally in the traditional handcrafted method by home knitters almost form Bhaktapur. 13 kilometer far from capital city Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, has a long history of home knitting. This skill has been handed down from one generation to the next. Almost all of our knitters have learned to knit from their grandmother, mother, an aunt, a cousin or a sister. Some are trained during the time when the knitter gather in their street and had a group teaching and asking each order. Bhaktapur is an agricultural city and most of the families are farmer. Besides their farming, almost all the house wife and women passes their time by knitting our hats and gloves. PHC is the only knitting company in bhaktapur that continues to use local knitters.

Below are the processes of knitting our products.

Firstly we purchase 100% wool yarn from the supplier and provide it to the home knitter including the knitting instruction, the pattern or design, measurement and color ways. They show their talent and expertise and bring in the order partially as they finished. If there is a knitter group leader, we provide the yarn into their home by our delivery van.

We have another group who only do the hand embroidery, once the hat is knitted; they are provided the hat for the embroidery as per the order requirement.

After then the hats are send to the fleece lining department. The third group of home worker (who attached the lining and the hats by hand sewing needle) picks up the sewn hats to their home and bring in their order after they finished fleecing the hats.

Finally the hats are sent to finishing department continue to packing department for the final Pack and to send in cartoon box.

The entire knitter and the sewer are thankfully paid once in a month as per their work done.

The quality of PHC products are far superior as we use 100% wool yarn and the hats are knitted very tightly which you can feel and gain durability.

Fleece for Extra Warmth

We use polar fleece lining for extra warmth. The fleece is total anti piling that doesn't ball up. The fleece lining not only provides extra warmth, but keeps your head save from itching.

The Best Hat You Will Ever Buy

Our customers tell us every day that we make the best hat they have ever owned. Of course, we believe they are right. Because we are a small company that only makes woolen handmade products, we have concentrated all our efforts on making the best hat anyone will ever buy. Many people tell us that they just won’t wear out. While that is not necessarily good for business, we are very gratified that we make something that could last a lifetime.